Wednesday, August 26, 2009

America's 25 Douchiest Colleges

With college football season around the corner, GQ has a pretty funny feature ranking America's 25 Douchiest Colleges.  It must have been pretty hard to narrow it down to just 25.  Some of the highlights include Morehouse, Notre Dame, and USC, but the best part is the explanation for Duke not being number one.  

I think they may have made some mistakes by not including the whole Ivy League, and failing to include one of the biggest douches: the M.I.T douche.   An engineering or computer science student that talks down to you because you didn't major in either of those things.  Then he'll try to keep you out of his frat parties because it's his only opportunity to get with normal college girls.  

I would like to see the formula breakdown for the rankings because it should have been: 
  • Ratio of students from New Jersey who constantly talk about how much better their city is than anywhere, but are actually referring to New York City which isn't their city because they live in shitty Jersey.
  • Ratio of students with popped collars who constantly say "bro" or "bra." 
  • Schools that have shitty Greek systems but with frats that still think they're cool. (I'm looking at you Boston University and George Washington)

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  1. but the best part is the explanation for Duke not being number one. college rankings