Saturday, August 15, 2009

SportsCenter LA is too LA

You're probably wondering what a picture of Ashton Kutcher has to do with "SportsCenter." He signifies what's wrong with "SportsCenter LA." The show gets too caught up in its LA location. Do I really need or want to hear a SportsCenter anchor and Ashton Kutcher awkwardly talk sports so he can promote some shitty new movie that has nothing to do with sports? I was under the impression that I didn't, but that was before "SportsCenter" suddenly became "Entertainment Tonight." Maybe Kutcher used the butterfly effect to create a reality where "SportsCenter" sucked and he could be on it. Being in LA is not some excuse for the show to parade out as many celebrities as possible at the expense of actual sports coverage. If the ESPYs have taught us anything, it's that ESPN's combination of celebrities and sports culminates in two hours of unwatchable television each year. It's awfulness will only be surpassed by the eventually broadcast premiere of "Julie and Julia" in two years.

Almost as bad is the whoring out of the show into some type of music video with featured music set to sports highlights. When I see NFL highlights, I don't want it associated with some stupid Daughtry song. One is awesome and the other is pretty much the next Creed with songs that all sound the same. SportsCenter LA is like that douchebag friend that moves to LA only to become more a douchebag because he gets extremely enamored with culture, and believes that living there somehow makes him better than you.

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