Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bad Ronald Still Sucks

[Bad Ronald] - Let's Begin (Shoot the Shit)

If you do remember Bad Ronald, I feel sorry for you because you're taking up valuable brain space with something you're better off forgetting.  For those of you who don't, they were a rap-rock group consisting of three MCs (Ray, White Owl and Kaz Gamble) and DJ Deetlax whose only notable song was "Let's Begin" in 2001.  I was going to call it a hit song, but I don't even think it did well enough to be considered one.

After watching this video, it's clear that these guys were awful to begin with and only get worse with age.  It's so bad You Tube doesn't have the video.  Just look at these lyrics.  They can't even make the excuse that it was the 90s because it wasn't.    There's only one reason Bad Ronald was remotely successful: college kids.

I'm sure it became a party anthem for many college kids when they were like "Hey, they're talking about stuff we're doing.  That's awesome."  Let's call this the "Bad Ronald Effect." Although as soon they left college or got older,  they realized how much the song sucked which is why Bad Ronald flamed out so quickly.

A more contemporary example of the "Bad Ronald Effect" is Asher Roth and his song "I Love College."   Only people in high school and college don't realize he sucks because he's describing stuff they do or want to do.  Too bad Roth didn't have time to study history in between repeating cliches about college because he's about to be as forgettable as Bad Ronald.


  1. What I learned from this video:

    The sight of hot girls in diapers makes me very uncomfortable.

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  3. so wait...

    serious question... what was the point of writing all this?

    You "feel sorry for us" if we remember Bad Ronald, yet you go on to write 4 paragraphs reminding those who forgot?

    I should've known to stop reading your pathetically written blog when I realized you inexplicably referred to MC Doug Ray as "Ray", but for some reason I kept reading.

    I got a slight chuckle out of you not considering their song "Let's Begin" a hit, when there was a music video for it which MTV aired quite frequently that year. Furthermore, your claim "It's so bad YouTube doesn't have the video." can easily be disproved by spending 4 seconds typing "bad ronald let's begin" into YouTube's search bar.

    You appear to lack the intelligence and common sense that most 11-year-olds have, so for your benefit, I will inform you that not only was this song also on the "Not Another Teen Movie" soundtrack, but another one of Bad Ronald's songs, "1st Time", was included on the soundtrack for the movie Orange County.

    The group is a lot more successful than you think.

    I didn't waste my time reading the last 2 paragraphs but I am confident that they are just about as mindlessly opinionated as the first 2 were.