Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Michael Vick needs Air Bud

With Michael Vick getting very close to being reinstated for regular season action, I think we still have to make sure that he's truly changed. That's why the Philadelphia Eagles need to sign star athlete/Golden Retriever Air Bud as a wide receiver. Now obviously there's no way in hell a dog could ever play football because it couldn't run routes, catch the ball and would probably try to bite anyone who tried to tackle it. But let's be as naive as the Disney movie "Air Bud: Golden Receiver," and somehow pretend that a dog can do all that.

Once Air Bud drops an easy pass or runs the wrong route, we would really see how rehabilitated Vick is. If Vick starts maliciously whipping balls at Air Bud, needs teammates to restrain him from physically harming Air Bud, or tells Air Bud that he knows how to deal with bad dogs then we'd know that Vick hasn't changed. Although, who really wouldn't be upset about having a dog as a wide receiver? So maybe that's not a good test after all.

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