Thursday, September 24, 2009

Stop Telling Me What to Do Hilary Duff

Random people don't get to tell me what to do so forget a C list actress trying to.  I'm not even sure this is really a PSA.  Hilary Duff was probably pretending to shop for 15 minutes hoping someone would finally recognize her, and when that didn't happen she pretended to be offended by someone saying "gay" just so they'd have to pay attention to her.

The PSA doesn't make a ton of sense because I've never heard a girl refer to clothing as gay unless it really does make someone look homosexual.  Although Maybe Duff is right, we should replace "that's so gay" with something else.  How about that's so Hilary Duff.  It's already synonymous with bad acting and bad movies so it's a natural transition.   For example, this PSA is so Hilary Duff.

Now the Wanda Sykes one is how you get the message across.  She serves that kid so hard that I thought this was trailer for the straight to DVD sequel of "You Got Served."

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