Thursday, September 10, 2009

T-Pain's Miami Dolphins Fight Song

I had no idea this existed until a friend informed me that T-Pain made a fight song for the Miami Dolphins.  It's a surprisingly catchy song considering it was made by T-Pain and involved Pitbull (I could go on about how much Pitbull and Reggaeton suck, but I think F minus sums those two things up best).  Then I discovered that I was giving T-Pain too much credit.

He only updated the original song that some guy named Lee Ofman wrote and composed before the Dolphins' historic 1972 season when they went undefeated on their way to a NFL championship.  I should have known T-Pain couldn't have written something this simple because clearly the first thing he would have done is mention the cheerleaders.  I mean this is a guy who says he fell in love with a stripper.

So in reality T-Pain did nothing more than add Auto-Tune to the original song, but now this all makes sense.  Of course, T-Pain was the person who had to update the song because he shares a common bond with the Dolphins.  Both of them used gimmicks to cultivate their success.  T-Pain employed Auto-Tune in his songs to become a star while the Dolphins used the Wildcat offensive to unexpectedly win the AFC East and make the playoffs last season.

I still think the best NFL fight song is the San Diego Chargers' disco themed "San Diego Super Chargers."  A close second is what should be Cleveland's unofficial fight song (There's a swear or two so maybe don't click this at work).

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