Friday, October 2, 2009

Fox I Know What You're Doing

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Fox has created a computer application called Virtual Echo for fans of the TV show "Dollhouse"  with Eliza Dushku's character Echo that  "entertains and interacts with the user." Are you serious Fox?   You're not fooling anyone with this.

Plain and simple they've created a  "Dollhouse" masturabatory tool for nerds that watch the show (I not saying that only nerds watch the show. I'm referring to actual nerds).  Oh yeah, it also allows "Dollhouse" fans to get the latest news on the show, but we all know that's just a weak attempt to cover up the true nature of this application.

Don't believe me.  Just look at how the marketing company that made this application describes it:
Desktop Echo, which turns any computer screen into Echo’s playground. Watch Echo walk onto your desktop as she switches between her different personas, including dream date, hostage negotiator and assassin. Fans may leave the application running to be surprised as Echo displays her many special talents.

-- Augmented Reality Echo, which allows users to expand the Echo experience using augmented-reality (AR) technology. Simply print out the AR card with the special DOLLHOUSE symbol or “glyph,” aim it at the computer’s webcam and bring Echo to life by moving the card. Then use the arrow keys to choose between her different avatars.
Now tell me that doesn't sound like an advertisement for some porn web cam.  You're suppose to watch Echo as she "displays her many special talents," and Augmented Reality uses your web cam to make it seem like she's actually in your room. 

I thought "Dollhouse" was trying to attract more viewers, but this is only going to cause them to lose viewership as fans will spend their time on the computer doing something else.


  1. dude. the placement of that gun is questionable at best.

  2. It's just an innocent gun. Now go enjoy your Virtual Echo application.