Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tim Tebow Over Hyped

For awhile I thought I hated University of Florida quarterback Tim Tebow until I realized something:  it's really the god like image of Tebow perpetuated by his fans and the media that I hate. 

The best comparison to Tebow fans and supporters would be Dave Matthews Band fans.  It's almost impossible to convince a DMB fan that every single song the band made isn't a piece of musical genius.  Their constant touting of the band makes you hate DMB by association even if you didn't hate DMB to begin with.

Tebow fans and the media do the same exact thing.  They want us all to believe that Tebow descended from heaven to grace us with his superhuman skills. 

Florida's coach Urban Meyer might promote this belief more than anyone else.  He does all he can to reinforce this image of Tebow as a cult figure.  Maybe he doesn't realize this, but just because his first name is Urban, doesn't mean he has the authority to crown religious figures like a pope.

It's funny because Tebow couldn't be more humble about his skills and accomplishments so it's not like he encourages this image of himself.     

There is no doubt that Tebow has had a successful college career so far.  He contributed as a part-time player to Florida's 2006 national championship his freshman year, and as the starting quarterback the next season , he became the first underclassman  to win the Heisman Trophy while scoring 55 touchdowns.  In his junior year, Tebow led the Gators to their second national championship in three years. 

Just calling Tebow a great quarterback is not enough for his backers.  Besides, they claim it's really his uncanny leadership and ability to will his team to victory that sets him apart.  If I took these people at their word, I'd probably believe that Tebow could end this recession or tensions in the Middle East through sheer power of will because once he puts his mind on something he's unstoppable. 

Let's not forget it's easier to will a team to victory when you're surrounded with a team as talented as the Florida Gators.  A soft out of conference schedule doesn't hurt either.  Tebow won't be the first or the last college quarterback to inspire a team to victory.

It's like the difference between a normal guy trying to date a supermodel and Derek Jeter trying to date a supermodel.  The normal guy probably wants it more, but it's much easier for Jeter because of his star status.

Tebow's worshipers also fail to acknowledge that despite his ability to run and pass, he possesses at best an average arm and running skills that aren't as rare as they believe.  Consciously or subconsciously,  people are giving Tebow more credit for his skills as a running quarterback because he's white.

How quickly they forget Tony Rice, the African-American quarterback of Notre Dame's undefeated national championship team in 1988. If anything, Rice was Tebow before Tebow as he was virtually unstoppable on the ground or through the air.

He even did something that Tebow hasn't done yet, which is lead his team to an undefeated season.  Other comparable quarterbacks to Tebow are former Nebraska option quarterback and 2001 Heisman Trophy winner Eric Crouch, and former West Virgina quarterback Pat White.

I'll never like or agree with people's belief that Tebow is god in a football uniform, but I can appreciate that he's a really good college football player that through no fault of his own has been over hyped.


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