Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Cheaters is Fake

Most likely you've at least heard of, if not seen the syndicated reality show "Cheaters."  Nobody really intends to watch "Cheaters," but it's 2 am, nothing else is on, and you're either too drunk, tired, or lazy to change the channel. 

Basically, a man or woman hires the show to conduct surveillance on their partner because they believe that he or she is cheating on them (of course they always are).   The real fun starts when sleazy host Johnny Grecco forces the client to watch video footage of the cheating, and pushes them to confront the cheater who gets caught in the act.  During this confrontation, Grecco further incites the situation by saying things such as " You're gonna let him/her treat you like this?" and other inflammatory remarks.

The conflict then devolves into a succession of expletives and physical violence that's quite entertaining (hey don't judge me, it's 2 am).  It's like a goldmine of late night television.

Well, all that is ruined now as the Hollywood Reporter details that "Inside Edition" found that at least two "Cheaters' episodes were scripted. One couple was paid to cheat and the show's most infamous moment, where Grecco allegedly got stabbed on a boat was staged.

Why "Cheaters?"  Why?  The show has such a low production quality that  I'm surprised it can even afford to pay people to pretend.  This isn't "The Hills" after all.  I feel cheated because the one amusing aspect of the show was that real people could be this crazy. I.think my feelings can best be described through this.

Now I might question if all those black people yelling "Yo, it's cheaters, it's cheaters," when a enraged women  confronted her boyfriend in the club was real. But I know that had to be authentic as you can't fake that type of enthusiasm.   In the beginning, the show was probably real because it seemed that people had no idea about their rights so their faces were never blurred or name bleeped.

Although the longer the show went on, you could see the show didn't feel as natural as every name and face was disguised along with a poorer quality of surveillance.  That was probably a good clue that it was fake, and staging a fake stabbing is just sad. I'm will to bet there were plenty of people who would have stabbed Grecco for fre

So long "Cheaters," I guess it's back to facebook and youtube for get my fill of dysfunctional relationships with irrational behavior.

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