Friday, November 6, 2009

Fabolous Ruined the Economy

The rapper Fabolous has a song  called "Throw it in the Bag" in which he boasts about having so much money that he doesn't need to look at the price so you can just throw it in the bag.  Really, Fabolous? You think it's a great idea to perpetuate the idea that it's cool to just buy whatever you want without looking at the tag?

 I think that's how we ruined the economy in the first place because people were buying tons of stuff they couldn't afford.  Now all these kids are going to think it will be cool to buy expensive things with no disregard for money.  Fabolous even says, "F**k the price just throw it in the bag."

Nobody should be taking financial advice from a guy that can't even spell fabulous correctly, and talks so slow that he needs five minutes to complete a sentence.  That's like asking Lindsey Lohan about good acting or anything about life.

Not to mention, if Fabolous keeps "throwing it in the bag" he's gonna end up as bankrupt as MC Hammer  without even a bag to throw stuff in.

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