Monday, November 9, 2009

Ian Mckellan Suffers with the Idiots on The View

Courtesy of the LA Times,  Ian Mckellan's painful experience on"The View" last week.  Mckellan appeared on the show to promote "The Prisoner,"  an upcoming AMC series that premiers on November 15th.

I thought I knew nothing about "The Prisoner" until someone explained the premise to me, and I realized "The Simpsons" had parodied it in a season 12 episode called "The Computer Wore Menace Shoes" (Sorry no clip because Hulu doesn't have it, and most other Simpsons clips don't work).  That only reinforces  my theory that everything in life can be related back to "The Simpsons," although I'll talk about that another time.

Video after the jump.

Anyway, the four woman on "The View" only reinforce the stupidity and tactless nature of the show.  They're ill-prepared as they do such things as promoting their views against national health care, incorrectly pronouncing Mckellan's "X-Men" character's name as "Mag-Netto" as well as idiotically asking Mckellan if he will reprise his role in the "Harry Potter" movies even though he's never been a part of the franchise.

He plays Gandolf in "The Lord of Rings" movies, but I guess the women on "The View" can't differentiate from two older British guys who happen to play wizards in movies.  Amazingly, Mckellan handles this situation with utmost poise, which only proves what a great actor he must be because I'm sure he wanted to slam all their faces into that coffee table.

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