Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sports Cameramen Kind of Racist

This has never made sense to me.  When a minority athlete is playing a sport, why does the cameraman always find a fan of the same minority group to focus on?  It's kind of offensive/racist.

The sport that's guilty of this more than any other is baseball.  A prime example are the at-bats of New York Yankees player Hideki Matsui.    The camera always manages to find some person of Asian decent to focus in on.  Even if there's only one in the whole crowd.

Most of the time it isn't a fan holding a sign for Matsui, but just a regular person who happens to be Asian.  It's like "Hey, there's an Asian fan and he must really be rooting hard for Matsui because they're alike."

It's unfair to make an assumption like that.  Also,  I don't see a cameraman immediately cutting to a fat fan or someone eating a sandwich when a fat guy is at-bat.

Although I'm sure Derek Jeter probably instructs cameramen to film all the hot chicks in the ballpark during his at-bats so he can decide which one he wants to plow (that's right, I said I was bringing "plow" back) after the game.

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