Tuesday, November 17, 2009

That's Not a Real Medical Condition

This is really weird, but the The London Telegraph reports that a 55-year-old Taiwanese man tricked up to 20 women into having sex with him in an elaborate scam where he posed as both a handsome young man and that man's ailing father.

Now you're probably thinking this must have been one brilliant guy to pull off a scheme like this, but you'd be wrong.  It's really just a case of 20 extremely stupid women.

Here's how he did it:
 By allegedly posting pictures online of a young male model that were suppose to him, he would get women to call him.  Once he had them on the phone, he would tell the women about his father who had a medical condition that required constant sex to stay alive.  After convincing them to have sex with the father, they would meet up with the "father" at a hotel.

These women didn't see anything wrong with this story?  Maybe they had family members that died from this debilitating condition that required constant sex.  Eastern medicine is suppose to be a little different, but not that different.

If this was a real condition,  there would be an awful lot of dead people.  Also, I think we already know what this guy's cure for constipation would be.

Clearly these women have had minimal social interaction, and would also like to see your trouser snake.  Even the worse, these women apparently agreed to whore themselves to some old man for free.  What normal guy would tell you that the way to his heart is having sex with his father?

Not only is that poor moral judgment, but also poor economics.  Although, now it makes a lot more sense why American men are always taking "business trips" to Asia.


  1. That condition is real. I saw documentary about it. I think it was called "Crank". I even heard they made a followup documentary called "Crank 2".

  2. Haha, then I think the proper cure for it is doing Amy Smart in public places or at least that's what the documentary taught me. "Crank 2" was so much crappier than "Crank."