Thursday, December 24, 2009

Last Christmas

Wham's 1984 single "Last Christmas" has to be one of the best Christmas songs ever made.  A claim supported by the vast number of artists including Jimmy Eats World, Arctic Monkeys, and the cast of "Glee"(which did a version this year) who have covered it.

Although, the song should just be credited to George Michael's since he wrote it, and Andrew Ridgeley, the other half of Wham,  mooched off it.

The video for the song isn't nearly as good though.  No wonder the brunette woman gave away Michael's heart last Christmas because that looks like one sucky Christmas.  Who wants to go to the middle of nowhere to celebrate Christmas?  I don't see any presents either so I bet Michael offered his heart because he was too cheap to buy real presents.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Cheryl Cole: Britain is Holding Out on Us

Let me get this straight, Britain has the hot popstar Cheryl Cole to offer and instead they give us homely Susan Boyle.  It's the equivalent of being promised a good toy for Christmas, but only getting a crappy toy from a drug store or the United States telling Britain that the most attractive pop star we have to offer is Lady Gaga.

To borrow a phrase from a 2004 song by overrated British rapper The Streets,  one might say to Cole or about her, " You're fit but my gosh don't you just know it" (Don't even get me started on how stupid the whole The Streets thing is/was).

Monday, December 14, 2009

Fall 2009: The Season of the Overweight Black Woman

 The first and probably the last time you will 
ever see a picture of Mo'Nique on this page

 Now I could have said fat, but I trying to be politically correct for a change.  Fall 2009 has clearly been a time of unparalleled success for "big-boned" women in entertainment.   Think about this for a moment.

The movie "Precious," which is gaining critical acclaim and praise features two overweight black women as main characters .  It's possible that both Gabourey Sidibe and Mo'Nique will earn Oscar nominations for their roles.

Overweight women are also having success on television.  Shows such as "Glee," "Community," and "Parks and Recreation" all have this type of woman as a character.  They're not just there to be a punchline to a joke, but are actually legitimate characters.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

ABC's Conveyor Belt (Meat Market) of Love

The Hollywood Reporter reports that ABC has green lit a reality show called "Conveyor Belt of Love."  Oh it's as bad as it sounds.  The show consists of 30 men being rolled out before a panel of five women and given one minute to make a positive impression.

Actually that description doesn't even do it justice.  Here's how the press release describes it:

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Caveman Games

As one of my friends accurately put it "the best/worst game."  The Nintendo game focused on caveman competing in a series of athletic events that mimicked Olympic style events, but with the challenges of their prehistoric environment.

The game play and controls for this game were terrible.   The developers neglected to acknowledge that they made this game over-complicated for a system that only has a two-button controller.  The only thing that's more complicated and makes less sense is the TV show "Heroes."

Not to mention, the game doesn't come with any instructions for  game play despite the $50 that game probably cost.  It's like they want you to go crazy trying to figure it out.

The game consisted of six events: Dino Race, Dino Vault, Clubbing Fire Starting, Mate Toss, and Saber Race.  The Mate Toss was the best event by far while Clubbing and Fire Starting were decent, and the other three events were just awful.

Here's a breakdown of the events:

Friday, December 4, 2009

Find Your Digital Doppelganger

Mashable details a new facebook application provided by Coca-Cola called the Coke Zero Facial Profiler which tries to find your digital doppelganger through facebook.

I don't really support facebook applications, but this seems like something that would be pretty cool. I'd use it to find my doppelganger only so I could eliminate him.  Much like the Highlandler there can only be one of me. Of course, if he was a better version of me then chances are that he might kill me, but not if I find him first.

I'm just worried that much like Homer Simpson I'm going to get distracted by a puffy tailed dog instead.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

James Lipton and Sexting


Never thought those two things would be associated with each other but they are.  James Lipton takes part in a PSA advising teenagers about the danger of sexting.  He even manages to make the word "junk" sound kind of dignified.

But I'm sure kids will continue to sext because they're pretty stupid and implying sex through technology is apparently much better than actually doing it.  I can't help think this idea was one geek's master plan to make himself seem cooler than he really was.

(Video isn't loading on home page for some reason but click read more and it's on that page.)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Yeah, That is Disgusting

There's not much I can say about this story from London Telegraph as it really speaks for itself.  Let's just say that this guy enjoys manure way more than anybody should.

Although, I don't understand why the family would not charge this sicko for the use of their manure.  It's not like they're eating the manure or anything.  Secondly,  why doesn't this guy just get his own manure?  Hasn't this guy ever seen "Road Trip?"  If it's HIS manure, he can do anything he wants with it, no matter how weird and perverse it may be.