Thursday, December 3, 2009

James Lipton and Sexting


Never thought those two things would be associated with each other but they are.  James Lipton takes part in a PSA advising teenagers about the danger of sexting.  He even manages to make the word "junk" sound kind of dignified.

But I'm sure kids will continue to sext because they're pretty stupid and implying sex through technology is apparently much better than actually doing it.  I can't help think this idea was one geek's master plan to make himself seem cooler than he really was.

(Video isn't loading on home page for some reason but click read more and it's on that page.)

At this rate, the type of future presented in the movie "Demolition Man" doesn't seem as crazy as it once did.  A place where there's not physical touching so high fives are like this (skip to 1:11 in the video) and a version of sex based entirely on technology like this.

I should probably figure out how to use the three seashells  just in case.

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