Tuesday, January 26, 2010

All Sport

Yet another drink that nobody would touch with a ten foot pole.  In fact,  I doubt many people remember what All Sport is, or realize that it still exists.

All Sport is a sports drink that was created by Pepsi in 1993 to compete with Gatorade and Coke's PowerAde.  As we've already learned with Mello Yello, specifically creating a drink to compete with another company's drink is never a good idea.

Oh yeah, there's one more important thing: it was carbonated.  What kind of idiots make a sports drink that's carbonated?  Maybe people who like throwing up after physical activity?

I bet it's the same people who believe drinking Michelob Ultra after running is a good idea.  You can't even say they must have been drunk when they came up with that idea because no one could ever get drunk off Michelob Ultra.

I had the unfortunate experience of tasting All Sport once, and to quote Ralph Wiggum, "[It] tastes like... burning"(skip to 3:25 for that part).

All Sport's commercials were not any better as they portrayed ridiculous versions of sports in the future.  Steve Young and Jerry Rice should be ashamed for allowing themselves to do this:

If the future does really involve drinking All Sport, I don't want to be a part of it.  Wisely, Pepsi sold off All Sport when it acquired Gatorade.  Since then, All Sport got rid of the carbonation in its drink, but it won't taste any better.

Currently, the biggest name spokesman for All Sport is professional golfer John Daly.  That's not a strong endorsement because Daly would drink just about anything if he could mix it with alcohol.   He was probably drunk when he signed that contract and once he sobered up, he was like "Shit, what have I done this time."

I can best describe my feelings for All Sport this way: If somebody put a gun to my head and told me I had to drink either Mello Yello or All Sport, I'd take my chances with the gun.


  1. All Sport isn't carbonated. The company changed to a hot-fill formulation with it's re-release in 2008. It is the same thing at Gatorade, it just has less sodium and more postassium in its electrolyte balance.

  2. yeah, but it used to be. from 94-95 it was carbonated, and excellent

  3. I just purchased All Sport at Big Lots last night pretty much because I was like WOW thats still around? And yes it was the same slightly carbonated taste. It was GOOD and I dominated at jiu-jitsu :)

  4. You might want to question how old that All Sport from Big Lots was if it was still carbonated. Knowing that place, it could be All Sport circa 94-95. And just think if you had a better sports drink than All Sport then you could've been the karate kid of jiu-jitsu.

  5. When it is mentioned that it was carbonated, people fail to say that the carbonation was VERY slight... besides that it actually would beat Gatorade in blind taste tests 3-1. I liked the taste of it, it wasnt an overwhelming carbonation, just enough to give the product a little bit of a bite. The new version (which I tried recently) is just ok... there is no carbonation at all and has a much more of a flavor than the other sports drinks, which in this case isnt a good thing. As for your smart ass blog, I hope you do take your chances with the gun (sarcasm)

  6. I didn't know there was such strong support for All Sport. Thought people who actually liked All Sport were like the Illuminati more fiction than fact. No way All Sport is beating Gatorade in a blind taste test 3-1, only way that happens is if you're using the awful original Gatorade formula.

  7. As a kid I thought All Sport was the bomb. I saw if for the first time yesterday in about 10 years bought a bottle and I got to say without the carbonation I was highly disappointed.