Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cheryl Cole Coming to America

It's highly unlikely that Simon Cowell read my previous post on Cheryl Cole, but it seems like he agrees that Cole needs to come to America.  According to the Hollywood Reporter,  Cowell wants Cole to be a judge on the US version of his show "X Factor," which will premier on Fox in Fall 2011.

My reaction was something like this when I heard Cole could be coming here.  Yeah, that's really not an exaggeration of what I did.

Cole is already a judge on the British version of "X Factor," so it makes even more sense that she would  join the US version of the show.

Unfortunately, my happiness could be short lived as there are reports that Cole has already rejected Cowell's offer because she wants to stay in Britain.  Just insert the name "Cheryl," and this is how I feel about that news.

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