Friday, January 29, 2010

Let Friends Point Out Your Flaws

Mashable details, an application that allows friends to anonymously post their opinions on what your flaws or defects are.  So basically it makes it easier for all the people who have a problem with you to gang up and attack you.

Just wait until junior high school kids get a hold of this, it isn't going to be pretty.  Those kids are ruthless. Allegedly, you can restrict access to this app to only friends, but somehow I think that's not always going to work.

Even worse, you'll get paranoid about which friend said you're kind of slutty or smell bad and start accusing all your friends. You'll be crazier than Russell Crow in "A Beautiful Mind."  That's not even counting the friends who'll get drunk and decide to be really mean.

I'd just assume it was everybody and kick ass like I was a blind one-armed man with a shotgun because that just sounds badass.

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