Saturday, January 9, 2010

Random Thoughts on Virtual Insanity

A few random thoughts on Jamiroquai's 1996 hit "Virtual Insanity."

- Apparently Jamiroquai isn't just one guy, but it's lead singer Jay Kay and three other guys.  I've never seen those three other guys so they might not actually exist.  Maybe they're part of the whole illusion of virtual insanity.

- It must be pretty expensive to live in the Virtual Insanity apartment unless it's rent controlled.

- All that white must be hiding a dirty apartment because it's apparent that there's a roach problem there.

-  If you look closely there is a token black guy even in Virtual Insanity.

- Interior decorating must be pretty hard in this apartment.  It's safe to say that cheap Ikea furniture wouldn't be an ideal choice here because it would be hard to assemble on a moving floor.

- Where is the Virtual Insanity apartment?  Is it real or just something you have to imagine?  Maybe you can get to it, but it's like Alice getting to Wonderland or Dorthy to OZ.

- If real,  was the Virtual Insanity apartment based in Detroit and do we never hear about it anymore because like the rest of the buildings there it has been abandoned for years?

This is what happens when you abandon you Virtual
Reality apartment.

-  Judging by the way lead singer of Jamiroqui Jay Kay is dressed and the lack of women there, Virtual Insanity may be some sort of secret gay disco club.

- Seems like Virtual Insanity was as bad as Virtual Boy, the disasterious and short lived gaming console released by Nintendo in 1995.  Don't try to use Virtual Boy to make your own apartment seem like Virtual Insanity because it will only look like this.

The ill-fated Virtual Boy

- There seems to be a lot of white drawers in the apartment.  This leads me to believe that Jay Kay could be a serial killer who lures victims to his apartment then stores his hundreds of victims in those drawers.

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