Wednesday, February 17, 2010

How Do You Talk to an Angel?

Bet you didn't know that "How Do You Talk to an Angel" by The Heights knocked Boyz II Men's "End of Road," which at the time had set a new record for most weeks at number one on the Billboard charts with 13 weeks,  out of the top spot in 1992.

Yep, just let that sink in for a moment.  America should hang its head in shame for that one, especially since it's a theme song from a TV show, and The Heights weren't even a real band.

They were a fictional band who were the focus of a Aaron Spelling produced TV drama series called "The Heights" that aired briefly on Fox in 1992 before it was canceled.

Coincidently the song became number one a week after the show's demise.  They should have spent more time figuring out "How do you not canceled?"

"The Heights" was like the homeless man's "Glee" or maybe "Glee's" distant cousin that was a result of inbreeding on that weird side of the family nobody likes to talk about.  Each episode focused on this "band" and featured one of their songs.

The Heights lead singer was Jamie Walters or you might know him better as Ray Pruitt, Donna's abusive  boyfriend on the original "90210."

Judging from this, an important step in learning how to talk to an angel is beating up your girlfriend.  You have to get that angel's attention somehow.

Since I always seem to hear this song in the supermarket,  I'm going to assume that another key step for talking to an angel is shopping in a supermarket.  I could really use an angel's advice when I'm making tough food decisions.

An angel could tell me if I should get Fruit Loops (regular diabetes) 
or Frosted Mini-Wheats (diabetes with fiber).

Okay, I'm still not exactly sure how to talk to an angel, but if the song's any indication, it definitely involves a cheesy 90s saxophone riff in the background while I try.

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