Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Kid Casting

From Kid Casting,  The Royal Tenenbaums

Do you ever find yourself wondering just how well a movie has cast the part of Jack Black during a flashback?  If so, you'd be interested in the website Kid Casting which features side by side screen grabs of the adult and flashback versions of a character in a movie.

The site could be more detailed, but it's still quite the amusing site and time waster.  You could spend a half hour looking through these things.

Also, it's a good demonstration of how little or how much the casting director cared about getting someone that actually looked like the adult actor.  For instance, they usually do a good job on Jack Black's flashback.

This is really good news for the guy whose life highlight was portraying a young Brad Pitt, but nobody ever believes him.  All he'd have to do is whip out his smartphone, and I bet some girl would sleep with him based on his work as a young Brad Pitt.  Well, unless he got fat because then she'd just laugh in his face.

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