Saturday, February 20, 2010

School Uses Webcams to Secretly Watch Students

Much like Rockwell, these students have to feel somebody is always watching them.

From Mashable, a school in Pennsylvania's Lower Merion School District is accused of using webcams on school-issued laptops to spy on students and their families at home.

The school even punished a student based on actions that were recorded via the webcam during non-school hours.

If Lower Merion sounds familiar, it should be as that's where Kobe Bryant attended high school and played basketball before he jumped straight to the NBA.

But back to the whole webcam thing.  It's safe to assume those students were using the laptops for more than just homework, and you know there must have been a ton of people stupid enough to look at porn on those things.

Therefore, this may be the first time that a student has ever gotten suspended from school for masturbating in his bedroom.  Maybe the official offense was categorized as "conduct unbecoming of a student"(sorry, it was too good to pass up).

Even more disturbing would be school administrators, watching hours of video of students doing things like this.  Quick, somebody call Chris Hansen to set up a sting in Lower Merion.

I imagine that the school must of taken their strategy from UB40 though.

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