Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Rock-Paper-Scissors Glove

Engadget highlights a glove that's specifically made for rock-paper-scissors . Sure nobody actually needs one but it's still kind of cool.  The glove allows you to play rock-paper-scissors against yourself, and it even identifies your tendencies or weakness in the game.

For instance, maybe you choose paper a lot so the glove will know that and counter with scissors.

It's a good thing you can play by yourself because it's likely that anybody that buys this glove will not have friends to play with.  And if you do have friends, being the nerd alert that bought this glove isn't going to help you keep them.  Nobody wants to be associated with that weird guy always wearing the glove.

All that said, there are some positives about having this glove.  You'll be so good at rock-paper-scissors that you'd never lose the game that decides who's the first person to go into the creepy abandoned serial killer house to check it out.

But really, there's one clear advantage to the glove that trumps everything else.  You'd always have a good reason to say this about it:


  1. Where is the masturbation joke?

  2. agreed steve. way to alienate your base. (ok, it was saved by the wizard reference)

  3. Was very close to having a masturbation joke in there and just being able to say "I love the glove it's so bad" automatically makes it cool.