Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Don't Think This Is How You Get HIV

Listen,  I'm not a doctor, but I'm pretty sure these billboards for freeHIVtest.net that have popped up around Los Angeles aren't medically accurate.  Last time I checked, you don't get HIV from drinking alcohol.

Unless you're living in the "Rent" apartment building,  then there's a good chance you might.  At least, you'll get to sing about it though.

And do you really want people saying "I drank so much, I think I have HIV"?  Yeah, me neither.

Also, accusing people of needing an HIV test on a billboard isn't exactly the best idea.  It's the equivalent of walking down the street and stopping random people to tell them that they look like they need to get tested for HIV.  Oddly enough, people don't like that.

 So stop judging me billboard because I really don't know why.


  1. Honestly, i think these HIV people just basically called us all drunken sluts.

  2. I love drunken sluts. Why get mad if the ad isn't meant for you? Hater