Friday, April 30, 2010

Dutch Augmented Reality Billboard

Via Mashable,  the Dutch government has installed an interactive billboard with augmented reality that places bystanders in the middle of a street fight.

The billboard, which was placed in a busy Amsterdam intersection, was designed to combat the growing problem of Dutch public employees being harassed while doing their job and on lookers doing nothing to stop it.

The idea is that people will be so ashamed of watching themselves in this situation that they'll help when it really does happen.

This is really cool concept, but minorities better watch out.  Now it's possible to place a minority at the scene of every crime. I could see something like this happening: "I didn't cross the border that's just augmented reality.

But on a good note,  now
Jay Kay from Jamiroquai can't keep hogging virtual insanity all to himself. 

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