Friday, April 23, 2010

Facebook: A Dysfunctional Friendship

Does Facebook need to be involved in everything you do?  Apparently, it thinks so.  Earlier this week, the company announced that they will personalize your internet experience by allowing websites and apps to integrate profile information from your Facebook account so they know your tastes and interests.

In plain English it means that Facebook has turned you and me into a digital whore and they're our pimp collecting the money.  I'm not really a fan of Facebook's increasing tendency to offer up users' information to other sources as a default setting.

Of course, Facebook would argue that they're more like a good friend who is trying to help you get a better experience.  I'll humor them and look at my interaction with Facebook as a friendship.

In the beginning, Facebook was just happy to have me as a "friend,"  but soon the company started to take our relationship for granted by exploiting it for financial gain ie giving profile information to advertisers.

Despite all that, I've given Facebook the benefit of the doubt.  Although, it has only gotten increasingly sketchy over time like that friend that seems normal at first but the more you get to know the person, you realize he or she is crazy.

There were signs of Facebook's craziness.  Soon it wanted to know more and more things about me because Facebook claimed it would make our friendship better.

Even worse, Facebook decided that it knew what was best for me as the website started suggesting things such as who my other friends should be and when I should check in with old ones.

I never joined MySpace but, I think Facebook tried to kill it because Facebook thought I was hanging out with Myspace behind its back.

Now Facebook is in full blown stalker mode with its personalized internet experience plan as it wants to make sure that it knows everything about me and follow me where ever I go on the internet.

Facebook is trying to take advantage of me like it's Ben Rothelisberger in an Georgia club and I'm a drunk a girl.

Listen Facebook,  I need my space because you're smothering me.  Also, we're not really friends but more like acquaintances.

So get it straight, I'm not your friend, buddy or your buddy, guy.


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