Monday, April 5, 2010

Geminoid-F: Stop Trying to Replace Us Japan

Why are the Japanese always trying to make humans obsolete?  I swear it's their national goal for some reason.

Engadget reports that roboticist Hiroshi Ishiguro displayed the Germinoid-F humanoid this weekend, a life like woman robot that is designed to mimic human facial expressions that are fed into a computer.

It does this with a rubberized face that allows it to make subtle gestures that once seemed impossible for a robot to make.  Calm down nerds, it's still not acceptable to date a robot.

Here's the best/worst part, you can buy this robot as a robotic clone of yourself.  There's nothing quite like a creepy robot version of yourself.

Sure, this seems cool at first because it could do all the things you don't want to do such as jury duty, clean the bathroom, watch any movie by Nicholas Sparks, but it's only a matter of time until things go wrong.  Maybe the robot becomes a better and more likable version of you that your friends prefer.

Even worse, the robot could realize this and want to become the only you.  Then it's only a matter of time before it tries to kill you.  Probably, a good idea to make sure that it never watches "The Matrix" or "Highlander."

Doppelgangers are always dangerous, but robots are worse because they're like The Six Million Dollar Man version of yourself except it won't have shitty 70s technology and doesn't need to use a bionic sound to let you know that it's going to kick your ass.

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