Thursday, April 29, 2010

HTC Droid Incredible Released for Verizon Today

I've been following the release of the HTC Droid Incredible for a couple of months, but that's mainly because my phone is so old that it's like the cell phone equivalent of a rotary phone.  

Seriously,  it still has a pull up antenna.  To put my phone in perspective, I got it before "Lost" premiered and people still thought Ashlee Simpson was talented.  

Anyway,  the Droid Incredible finally gives Verizon a good phone.  It's pretty much an HTC / Verizon branded version of Google's Nexus One, which is why  Google probably canceled the Verizon Nexus One. 

In fact it's called a Google experience phone because it has many of the same features as Nexus One such as the latest version of Android,  Google Navigation and gmail plus HTC's Sense UI.  The full specs and pricing are here.

The only negatives about the phone are that the battery life may be a little short and the amoled touchscreen is difficult to see in the sunlight.  Depending if you like a physical keyboard or not, the lack of one on the Incredible may be a drawback.

Here are reviews of the Incredible from Engadget and Cnet, which call it the best Android phone on the market, but fairly point out some of its negatives.

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