Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Stupid Lyrics: Young Money's Bedrock

Lyrics aren't always the most important part of a song, but it makes you wonder if people would still like their favorite songs once they actually sat down and read some of the absurd lyrics.

A good example of this is Young Money's "Bedrock."

Admittedly it has a catchy hook, although it's clear that several members of Young Money have a limited grasp of the English language.   The most nonsensical lyrics come from a rapper known as Gudda Gudda who says:

I like the way you walkin, if you walking my way
I'm that Red Bull, let's fly away
Let's buy a place, with all kinds of space
I'll let you be the judge and N-N and I'm the case
I'm Gudda Gudda
I put her under
I see her with me, no Stevie Wonder
She don't even wonder, cuz she knows she's bad
And I got her n-word
Grocery bag

I'm seen 3-year-olds be more coherent than this guy.  He should heed the advice from Jay-Z's  "Big Pimpin"  and "read a book you illiterate son of a bitch,  step up yo vocab."  This would be a good start. 

What hell does "you be the judge and I'm the case" even mean?  I've had jury duty and there's nothing entertaining or sexy about judges and cases.  Maybe Gudda Gudda thinks this is court.

Then he not only rhymes the same word twice, but mentions Stevie Wonder.  No one will ever confuse a talentless fool like Gudda Gudda with Stevie Wonder so he has nothing to worry about.  Even Wonder can see that he sucks though.


  1. I would like to offer up B.O.B's "Beautiful Girls" and pretty much anything by Ke$ha (including her name) for further review as well.

  2. Yeah those songs are nonsense as well, and I meant to give you a shout for the topic since you pointed out how stupid some of the lyrics to songs are now.