Friday, May 21, 2010

Songs I Currently Hate

My life would be much better if I never heard any of these songs again.  In no particular order because they all suck equally:

Anything by Ke$ha 
I've already stated my dislike of her or anything associate with her, here.

Jason Derulo "In My Head"
Is there any reason he always has to sing his name to start songs.  If this song was stuck in my head  then death would be an appealing option.  Amazingly managed to make a song worse than "Whatcha Say."

Trey Songz  "Say Aah" 
Say aah this song sucks.  And what makes him think that anybody wants to listen to a song that starts with him telling some dude not to move his car.

Usher  featuring will. i. am "OMG" 
I don't get why it sounds like there's a stadium full of people behind them.  Unless this song is secretly suppose to be a Jock Jam.

B.O.B featuring Bruno Mars "Nothin on You"
Every five minutes this stupid song is on.  It's equivalent to the ramblings of a crazy homeless man in Washington D.C. except the homeless man sounds better.

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