Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Timbaland and Magoo: Where is Magoo?

Seriously,  what the hell happened to Magoo?  Magoo being one half of the rap duo, Timbaland and Magoo  It's like Magoo dropped off the map after 2003.

I can't say that I enjoyed Magoo's annoying and whiney rap style, but it's still kind of strange that he just disappeared.  Does Timbaland have him locked up in his basement or something?  

Maybe he realized that Magoo's annoying whiney raps were holding him back.  Where's Robert Stack when you need him?  This is an unsolved mystery.  Oh wait, I think he's dead.

But we still need "Unsolved Mysteries" to show us a creepy reenactment of what might have happened to Magoo.  Then maybe we could find him.

Here's a video of Timbaland and Magoo in action.

Maybe the most likely scenario is that much like Tweet, it was like oops there goes Magoo's career.

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