Thursday, July 15, 2010

Creepy Willem Defoe Voiced Polar Bear in the Freezer

No wonder British people eat awful food,  they have sadistic polar bears voiced by Willem Dafoe threatening them in Birds Eye product commercials.

Intimidation and creepiness are usually not the best approach to sell your product.  The polar bear looks and sounds like the snuggle bear's serial killer cousin.

That bear is going to murder that woman if she disobeys him and possibly have his way with her.  I don't really know what that polar bear is capable of.

If I lived in UK, I'd be afraid to open my freezer.  In fact I might not use it all out of fear.

I imagine that the polar bear does something like this Willem Dafoe character but instead yells the words "Eat it, Eat it!" at you.

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