Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Does Sookie Stackhouse Own a Pair of Pants?

I'm certainly not complaining that True Blood's Sookie Stackhouse portrayed by Anna Paquin always seems to be wearing short shorts of some kind, but it's kind of weird that she doesn't own jeans or any type of pants.

I don't think she even wore pants until two episodes ago at the werewolf bar and those weren't even her pants.  She borrowed them.

It can't always be so hot in Bon Temp that Sookie never needs to wear pants.  Besides she must get killed by mosquitoes because that place is like a swamp.

There has to be some reason for her aversion to pants.  Here's what I've come up with:

1.  Bill vampire hypnotized Sookie into never wearing pants.

Sookie under Bill's no pants spell

2.  Sookie can't hear people's thoughts if she has pants on.  Some people just work better without pants on .

3.  It's Tara's fault.  Let's be honest it's always her fault some how.

Girl you don't need no pants.

4.  Sookie doesn't have her clothes on long enough to justify wearing them.

5. Pants are actually the devil.  It's Bon Temps anything can happen.  It wouldn't be surprising if a group of evil pants starting killing people.

6. Sookie thinks pants killed her parents so she swore to never wear them.

7.  Nobody wears pants in porn so why would they in Vampire porn.

8.  Sookie turned every pair of pants she owns into cut offs.

9.  She was always getting blood on them so what was the point.

10. Although maybe it's a much simpler reason and like Homer Simpson, Sookie just hates pants.


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  2. She should borrow a pair of khakis from Richard Alpert.

  3. Haha she really should. Maybe he's still hoarding all the pants though.