Thursday, July 8, 2010

First Male Contraceptive Pill: Professional Athletes Rejoice

This is landmark day for professional athletes, especially NBA players.  The London Telegraph reports that scientists have developed male pill that deactivates sperm before it reaches the womb.

And you'd only have to take this pill once every three months.  Maybe the athletes should have a party to celebrate this but I have a feeling that would just result in more pregnancies which would defeat the whole point.

This pill would probably help former NBA star  Shawn Kemp who has seven kids by six women.

Kemp's nickname was the Reign Man and was quite appropriate because he definitely made it rain with offspring in his spare time.

He was no Travis Henry though.  The former NFL running back has 11 children by 10 women.  Now that's what I call Red Zone efficacy.

Professional athletes could just stop having unprotected sex with every groupie they see, but that's as hopeless as telling an alcoholic not to drink or asking Hollywood to not make another stupid parody movie.

Although,  the real victims of this pill will be gold diggers.  They won't be able to be set for life because they're the baby's mama of some star athlete's child.

Unfortunately for the gold diggers,  they'll just be left with STDs, and athletes only buy Escalades for baby's mamas, not women with STDs.

And they won't get to call themselves "basketball wives" and have their own reality show despite never actually marrying a basketball player and really being more like a basketball girlfriend.

But don't worry the dream is still alive ladies, this male pill is at least three years away so there's plenty of time and women for professional athletes to accidentally impregnate.

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