Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Oh Sheila

"Oh Sheila" by Ready for the World is another one of those great 80s songs you hear on the radio and can't help sing along to.  I may or may not have looked foolish when it came on in my car recently.

The 80s were a great time for generic R&B groups like Ready for the World.  Fortunately the "Oh Sheila" video is not as painful to watch as the "Rock Steady" video.

The members of Ready for the World actually look how you might think they do.  Well only if you imagined that they all rocked the 80s jheri-curl hard, like it was never gonna go out of style.

They all look like Eriq La Salle and his dripping jheri curl in "Coming to America," which was before  he started karate punching people in the "ER" hospital.

He was probably still angry about someone cutting off his sweet 80s jheri curl.

           Oh, oh Jheri Curl                                Touch my hair and I'll  
                                                                           karate punch you

Getting past the hair (which is hard to do), Ready for the World pulls out some sychronized dance moves that kind of make them look like a homeless Jackson 5.  

They're really trying to hide the band member in the yellow bandana that's a wanna be Prince.

He must have just missed the cut to be in the Revolution and this was his fall back band.   Maybe he still plays basketball with Prince though.

The production value of the video seems to indicate that a high school production class cut it, and they certainly love the triple freeze frame effect.  The only thing really missing is a star wipe.

All in all, I think this music video only makes me like the song more because I'll laugh when I think about the actual group and their jheri curls.

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