Tuesday, July 13, 2010

That Guy

I apologize in advance because you're going to waste a lot of time on this website.  If you're ever watching TV or a movie and need to figure out who "that guy"is, then this is the website for you.

It features a comprehensive list of "that guys" based on the author's requirement for being "that guy."  They include aspects such as type casting, reminds you of someone more famous and ethnic stereotypes.

Although this list isn't perfect as it seems that it's severely lacking in minorities.  I don't even see a black guy on the list.  Come on, black actors practically invented "that guy."

Every black actor besides Denzel Washington, Terrence Howard, and Don Cheadle, is "that guy" to white people.  Like anybody knows Lorenz Tate and Morris Chestnut by name so they're quintessential "that guys."

Don't lie, I know you just clicked their names and were like "oh, that guy."

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