Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Nightlife with Nick Cannon

I stumbled across "The Nightlife" a few nights ago while flipping through the channels.  The sight of Nick Cannon DJing  stopped me in my tracks.

I forgot he even existed.  The next logical question was who the hell would pay him to DJ anything besides a junior high dance?  Then I realized this show was on Teen Nick so I was close.

The smart thing would've been to change the channel but if I had, then I wouldn't be writing this right now.

Eventually I found out what the "The Nightlife" is.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

iSafe Bag Commercial

I hate to break this to Holly Robinson-Peete but I think she made a bad investment with isafe bags.  If she continued to hang with Mr. Cooper, she wouldn't need one.

Unless he went crazy and that's the reason she needs the bag.

A bag with a crappy alarm on it isn't going to stop bullying, pedophiles or creepy guys.  These examples of the situations don't help sell the bag either.

If anything, the isafe bag is only going to motivate people to beat you up even more.  They'll just know to take your bag before they kick your ass.

Friday, August 13, 2010

What is Pretty Boy Swag?

Leave it to Soulja Boy to sound like Stevie from "Malcolm in the Middle" and think it's cool.  Maybe that's just his reading speed though.

I don't know what "Pretty Boy Swag" is, but based on this video it seems to be very similar to the "Down- Low" lifestyle.

Although he raps about women, there is only one woman in the video and he's constantly surrounded by guys.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Yahoo Answers: Where Stupid People Go

yahoo 8.jpg

I'm sure at some point, maybe two seconds after it launched, Yahoo Answers served an intelligent purpose.  But now, it's a magnet for some of the stupidest and weirdest people on the internet.

This blog from geekologie only reinforces it.   I can't believe people this idiotic exist or that they figured out how to use the internet.

But my everyday experience with people, only proves that they do.

My favorite is the 14-year-old girl who wants advice on how to trick the most popular guy in school into getting her pregnant.  She's really into that poking holes in condoms idea.

Don't know about you, but this sounds like the plot to the next hit ABC Family show to me.

Hey maybe if the guy who complains about girls not talking to him on Facebook gets cooler then he can kill two birds with one stone.

Too bad it's not 1999 though, all these people could Ask Jeeves these questions.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Zubaz Pants

Nothing says early 90s like Zubaz.  These zebra print styled pants were an awful fad that is unfortunately back.

Two Minnesota bodybuilders created Zubaz pants in 1988 because they wanted comfortable pants for weightlifting.

I think that says enough about how bad the pants are.  Nobody should be taking style tips from weightlifters in Minnesota.

According to the internet, Zubaz pants are tapered at the ankle, with the outer part of the leg being longer than the inner part.  They also feature an elastic waistband for great flexibility and movement.

Otherwise known as a fancy description for sweatpants with a design on them.  Sweatpants are sweatpants, I don't care what you put on them.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Oregon Trail Fake Movie Trailer

I'll always up for a reason to talk about "The Oregon Trail" because I spent many a day playing it on an Apple IIgs then moved on to a Hewlett Packard with a blazing 14k modem.

And this fake trailer for an "Oregon Trail" movie by comedy group Half Day Today is pretty great.

It highlights most of the funny aspects of game such as putting a funny name on a tombstone, overhunting, and the obligatory dysentery joke.

Although I expected more from the dysentery joke, and it left out things such as the funny accents of townspeople, deciding not to stop for someone's funeral, and oxen constantly getting injured.