Tuesday, August 17, 2010

iSafe Bag Commercial

I hate to break this to Holly Robinson-Peete but I think she made a bad investment with isafe bags.  If she continued to hang with Mr. Cooper, she wouldn't need one.

Unless he went crazy and that's the reason she needs the bag.

A bag with a crappy alarm on it isn't going to stop bullying, pedophiles or creepy guys.  These examples of the situations don't help sell the bag either.

If anything, the isafe bag is only going to motivate people to beat you up even more.  They'll just know to take your bag before they kick your ass.

Imagine if Daniel Russo had an isafe bag, he wouldn't have had to go through all that trouble of learning karate to defend himself.  "The Karate Kid" would have been a totally different movie.

                               Forget the Crane kick, get me an isafe bag.

Then the pedophile guy is the worst pedophile ever.  He's gotta step up his game.

He doesn't even have a white van, he uses a white Jeep.  They're not interchangeable, everybody knows that.  A white van says, "I'm sexual predator, hear me roar."

Doesn't this guy watch SVU?  You're suppose to lure people to your van with puppies or candy.

You could pay $59.99 for an isafe bag or get a bag that doesn't make you a target of ridicule.  I'm pretty sure this is what actually happens when you try to use an isafe bag:

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  1. I agree isafe bags are stupid just buy them a gun