Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Oregon Trail Fake Movie Trailer

I'll always up for a reason to talk about "The Oregon Trail" because I spent many a day playing it on an Apple IIgs then moved on to a Hewlett Packard with a blazing 14k modem.

And this fake trailer for an "Oregon Trail" movie by comedy group Half Day Today is pretty great.

It highlights most of the funny aspects of game such as putting a funny name on a tombstone, overhunting, and the obligatory dysentery joke.

Although I expected more from the dysentery joke, and it left out things such as the funny accents of townspeople, deciding not to stop for someone's funeral, and oxen constantly getting injured.

Those stupid oxen always got injured for no reason at all.  But the most glaring omission was the difficulty of fording the river.  Every frickin time when I thought I made it, I would drown at the last minute.

You were always better off paying the Indian to take the ferry.  I swear that river was the first Indian casino because they rigged it where the odds were against you unless you paid them to cross.

People say the game isn't really educational but I disagree.  I learned plenty of things from "The Oregon Trail."  

For instance, oxen suck, over hunting is fun, and death is kind of okay if you have a funny tombstone.

But most important was that cholera and dysentery produced severe diarrhea that you could die from and that I never wanted to die that way.

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