Friday, August 13, 2010

What is Pretty Boy Swag?

Leave it to Soulja Boy to sound like Stevie from "Malcolm in the Middle" and think it's cool.  Maybe that's just his reading speed though.

I don't know what "Pretty Boy Swag" is, but based on this video it seems to be very similar to the "Down- Low" lifestyle.

Although he raps about women, there is only one woman in the video and he's constantly surrounded by guys.

Sounds like someone's in pretty boy denial.  Is he sure it's not raining men instead?

Oh and I don't know if Soulja Boy made it clear, but girls are on his dick.  I didn't hear him the first 25 times he said it.

It doesn't help Soulja Boy's case that he sounds like a 13-year-old kid at summer camp boasting about the sexual experience he had with a mythical girl in Canada.

As if you need anymore evidence to what  "Pretty Boy Swag" is all about,  his use of "no homo" confirms it.

Anybody who says that, is obviously so insecure about his sexual orientation that he has to emphatically proclaim when stuff isn't gay.

Wait, was this whole video just a pretty boy swag pride parade?

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