Friday, September 17, 2010

Jesse Heiman: The Background Nerd

You may not know the name Jesse Heiman but you've probably seen him before.

I don't know why, but this guy seems to pop up in the background of numerous TV shows and movies as an extra that's the token nerd/geek in the background.

Within the last week, I've seen him three different times while watching TV.  He was in the background of "Chuck," "Glee," and "Old School" playing the same part as nerdy guy.

Look at his IMDB page,  almost every single role is listed as geek or nerd.  Heiman has made a career out of being the go to background nerd and he's everywhere.

Yet I've never even seen him have a speaking role.  I guess that makes him similar to a porn actor except Heiman would probably be credited as "nerd that watches sex from corner" if he was in a porn.

I wonder how he became Hollywood's background nerd.  Did he purposely set out to do this because it was his niche or did someone choose him?

Is he really a nerd in real life or does he just play one?  Does he find it demeaning?

He's like the poor man's Jonah Hill.  In fact, Heiman might be pissed that Hill beat him to the punch as comedic, kind of heavy nerd guy.

There can only be one Jonah Hill. I'm like the Highlander.

Although he could pull a Jesse Eisenberg who became a poor man's Michael Cera by taking roles Cera obviously turned down until some people actually started to like him better than Cera.

Hey, both their names are Jesse so that's already a start.

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