Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Who Eats Mamba Candy?

I haven't had Mamba candy since the mid 90s.  In fact I'm not even sure if it still exists because I haven't seen it at a store in years.  Although the internet seems to suggest that Mambas still do.

Mambas are kind of like fancy Starbursts that come in a pack of 20 featuring four flavors: strawberry, raspberry, lemon and orange.  

Much like Rolos, I find it hard to believe that many people eat Mambas or consider it their favorite candy.

Although, eating Mambas really does say something about a person.  There are certain types of people who eat them : 

  1. Snobby / pretentious people who think they're too good for Starbursts.  Nobody's above Starbursts. Plus Mambas don't have commercials like this.
  2. People who like to make it rain with their money.  Oh look at you, you can afford to pay over dollar for your fancy candy.
  3. Hipsters.  Starbursts are so played out, that's why I eat Mambas.
  4. People who don't want their candy to fit in their pocket. Package is too big to fit normally and always awkwardly sticks out.

Also, I feel like Mambas have been lying to us for years.  With a name like Mambas one would assume they're like the Latin America equivalent of Starbursts, but surprisingly the candy comes from Germany.  

Those sneaky Germans.  This isn't France; you just can't invade people's mouths when you want.

Apparently Mamba refers to the deadly Mamba snake.  But what the hell does that have to do with candy? I'll chalk it up to just another weird German thing.  


  1. Hi there, so I was just kind of flopping around on the internet and noticed this blog posting, since it's recent, I thought I'd comment! Yes, Mamba are still very much in existence!!

    The reason why, is because Mamba *IS* my favorite candy. It is very much like Starbursts, and I still do enjoy Starbursts from time to time.. The reason I moved away from Starbursts to Mamba, is because of the Cherry Starburst. I am not a huge fan of Cherry flavored candy, and so getting 1/4th of my candy in a flavor I don't like at all, isn't much fun! Worst of all is those smaller packs of Starbursts that have just 2 pieces in them, usually leftover from Halloween or something. I always end up with too many Cherry pieces in those.

    Anyhow, I got tired of Starbursts, and previously I lived in an area where I could never find Mamba, so the rare times when I'd be actually able to obtain one, it was a great alternative to picking up a Starburst. But I happened to move somewhere where the local 7-11 has them all the time, so I don't get Starburst very often anymore.

    Also I disagree with your reasons why people like Mamba, because at least at my local 7-11, Mamba and Starburst, are the same price, of $1. However keeping in mind, that Mamba has 18 pieces and Starburst has 12, and I don't even like the Cherry, so make that 9. So twice the amount of candy, for the same price?

    Oh, and at least nowadays Mamba, in the US, comes in packages of 3 flavors, randomly from the 4 types, with 6 of each of the 3 flavors. So sometimes I'll end up getting a flavor I've not had in a while, which is kinda nice.

    I *suppose* maybe you could say my distaste for the Cherry Starburst fits with them being played out, but even though Raspberry is my least favorite Mamba, I still find it extremely tasty, unlike the Cherry Starburst.

    Also a small, but very handy fact about Mamba, is that they come with each flavor to it's own mini-package inside. So instead of Starburst where you have all 12 pieces floating around in the wrapper, you can break open a Mamba when you get it, and just have the three packages in your pocket, instead of the big single package that doesn't fit very well. Or just take the flavor you want right then, and keep the other two somewhere else, easier than carrying around Starbursts that get all warm and melty.

  2. Well that is one compelling case for liking Mamba. Being sold at 7-11 and costing the same as Starburst does kind of make it more of a common man's candy. So apparently there is another type of person who likes Mamba: people who really dislike cherry Starbursts which to be fair are pretty subpar.

  3. U guys are absolutely Nuts! I don't know how the heck I found my way to a post about mamba candy but I must say it got me thinking. I personally think Starburst are sub par, and cherry falls even further down the list! Where as Mambas are well above par for the chewy candy category if there is such a thing.
    The only thing that pisses me off about the mamba is the mystery picks! I think the orange flavor is the least favorable flavor and i want to know if anyone out there has a secret way or a packaging hint that would help me choose the flavors i like best. And the answer to open it isn't what I'm looking for! Glad I finally got that off my chest it has been a topic of conversation in my counseling sessions for years. Thank you Mamba bloggers u have helped me dearly.

  4. I like mambas better than starbursts because they are are slightly more chewy. I'm not snobby and they are the same price as starbursts, they just taste a little different, which I like

  5. Ohh that was hilarious! I really loved reading tne comments as well!

    Great Post!

  6. Excuse me. Says the one who is a flippin' starburst fan OHMAGAW. Mamba has benefits to tyverymuch. I think starbursts lemon, orange, and cherry is icky.. MY ASS

  7. I think Mambas taste better than Starbursts because they aren't as tart. The Starbursts are too strong for my taste, except for the pink ones (I love those because they are a bit milder).

  8. My wife brought some back from a recent trip to Africa. I thought I was doomed to never eat another Mamba again and was planning for my wife to take another trip out with a spare suitcase so that we can stock up on this delicious candy.

    But behold - a quick search on Google found that Mamba is available on Amazon! I am relieved that I will be able to continue eating these delicious fruity chews.

    PS. I'm not a hipster, don't have money raining all around me and I don't think I'm snobby or pretentious.

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  9. Oh... does anyone remember MOJOs? Used to have these when I was a kid a less expensive version of Mamba and maybe the same thing?! I haven't seen these for years but Mamba's more than make up for the MOJO's.

  10. I purchase Mamba's at ALDI, so no, this is not a hipster purchase. Also, Mamba's are far less "waxy" than starburst and have more of a citric flavor. Starburst are more dull in flavor... Mamba's all the way.

  11. Note that Mamba's do NOT contain trans fat! starburst and Hi Chew do. Mamba's also don't have that stupid, nasty, play-dough tasting Cherry crap flavor that starburst does. blech..

  12. I find starburst too hard, Mamba is softer. They were a bit hard to find for awhile, but can be found several places locally.

  13. I just recently tried mambas and I dont understand whats wrong.... theyre pretty good I usually dont like starbursts because of the taste.. I like how the mamba's texture is in your mouth... I dont think im snobby because I like mambas and dislike starbursts. whoever made this blog needs to chill

  14. Vegetarians and vegans eat mamba and not starburst because of the gelatin