Friday, October 22, 2010

Wojtek the Solider Bear

A bear that fought Nazis, hell yeah.  How come nobody told me about this sooner?

Apparently the Polish Army had a brown bear they dubbed Private Wojtek that served with them during World War II.  It's detailed here.

They acquired the bear as a cub and then seemingly domesticated the bear.  Granted the bear was really more of a mascot than a fighter, but it did help unload artillery during a battle.

Although I'm a little concerned that the article says the bear stood in as a replacement for the wives of soldiers.  You're not suppose to do that type of stuff with bears.

Also, it's kind of disappointed that the U.S. didn't have their own solider bear.  Why didn't they crack that soldier bear?  Maybe they could have trained their bear to use a gun.

You could train a whole bear army.  Then again, bears are already stronger and faster than us so giving then guns might not be the best idea.

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