Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sesame Street: Cookie Monster Wants to Host Saturday Night Live

Let's be honest, Cookie Monster is probably more entertaining than half of the people who have hosted "Saturday Night Live" so this would be an improvement.

His opening monologue is efficient and his Macgruber parody "Macarooner" was funnier than anything I've seen SNL do this year.

Although that's really not surprising as "Sesame Street" has consistently produced better parodies on things such as Mad Men and Old Spice.

In fact maybe they should just let Sesame Street writers craft a few skits instead of having Cookie Monster host.

I'm a huge Cookie Monster fan but I have some trepidation about him hosting SNL.

They'd definitely find a way to ruin Cookie Monster and make him unfunny.

I can already imagine a bad cookie intervention skit that goes five minutes too long.

Even worse, it would only encourage a section of people who believe they can get anything they want by petitioning the internet for it.

The only way Cooke Monster hosting might work is if they pair him with a muppet friendly co-host like Jason Segel.

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