Thursday, December 2, 2010

Cheryl Cole Coming to America - Update

I've already mentioned here and here the greatness of Cheryl Cole and why she needs to come to America.

Well, now it's practically official that she's coming as a judge on Simon Cowell's US version of "X Factor."  At least according to this article.

It's about time.  Even a bout with malaria earlier this year couldn't stop her.  How many other pop stars have beaten malaria?

Cole's reason enough to at least check out "X Factor."  Although, there's concern that she won't translate to American audiences because middle America may not be able to comprehend her accent.

Don't you even think of messing this up middle America or we're going to have a problem.

It's not that difficult to understand a British accent, and it's certainly a lot easier than listening to Sarah Palin speak.

Should we really be trusting the opinion of people who still use dial-up modems and enjoy the same repetitive CBS crime dramas?  Yeah, probably not.

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