Friday, January 14, 2011

What's the Difference Between a Bomb Pop, Rocket Pop, and Firecracker?

I''ve often wondered about this, but it's hard to come across a valid explanation.  They all seem like the same red, white, and blue popsicle.

I assumed that Bomb Pop, Rocket Pop, and Firecracker were just different ways of describing the same product.

Like a regional thing where maybe the East Coast calls it a Bomb Pop, but on the West Coast it's a Rocket Pop.

This isn't the case though.  They are technically not interchangable, but rather three similar yet distinct products.

Bomb Pops are the original trademarked brand of tri-colored popsicles made by a company called Blue Bunny.

Nestle's Rocket Pops and Popsicle's Firecrackers are knock-offs of the Bomb Pop.

Think of it like the Law and Order TV series: where Bomb is the original,  Rocket is an on par variation such as SVU, and Firecracker is Law and Order LA which everybody knows is a poor imitation of the original.

Sticking with that analogy, the crimes would have to be:  someone killing you for your Bomb Pop, sexually assaulting you with your Rocket Pop and having Alfred Molina partner with the Firecracker to solve an LA crime in a desperate attempted to make you watch an inferior show.

I know that I'd rather have a Bomb or Rocket Pop instead of a Firecracker.  All these popsicles for some reason are named after things that explode, but Firecrackers take it too far.

They feature a variety with an exploding candy tip.  This has to be someone's idea of a sick joke because  generally only porn stars like to have things explode in their mouth.


  1. this is the most ture thing ever. my mom bought bomb pops for ever and they are the best tasteing things and then she started to buy fire crackers and i yell at her when ever she does. she keeps telling me there no diffrance so i keep yelling. fire crackers taste like poop and bomb pops are just incredible

  2. ok we just found this blog post (yeah it's 2014) and we think it's the most perfect description for the popsicles ever. EVER.

    1. Thanks. Good to know that I'm not the only person who cares about the intricacies of Bomb Pops, Rocket Pops and Firecrackers.

  3. I have never had ANY of them ..ever ..send I am 32 years old. My hubby introduced me to fire crackers and aim addicted!!!

  4. bomb pops are the originals and the best--firecrackers are garbage and they have the nerve to sue bomb pops saying bomb pops ripped them off

  5. 45 and addicted to bomb pops...never had the firecracker...actually eating one right now at work...

  6. Best Are Bomb Pops for me. When think of a Popsicle, it's Bomb Pops!