Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Get Your Smokey On

Oh the Ad Council and US Forest Service, you're way off with this one.  They're decided that the new tag line for Smokey the Bear is "Get Your Smokey On."

They've plastered these posters all over the place.   Billboards, bus stops, and I've even seen one covering the whole side of a building.

I can imagine nerdy business guys high fiving when they came up with this:  "How can we make Smokey the Bear more urban?  I got it.  This is really going to relate to our urban base."

This seems exactly like the episode of "The Simpsons" where they create the nonsensical and clearly youth-targeted character of Poochie who fails miserably.  Here's Poochie in action.

"Get Your Smokey On" doesn't even make sense.  If anything, it sounds like the opposite of preventing wild fires or something an arsonist or a pot head would say.

It would be great if this campaign completely backfired and it did become slang for smoking weed.

I don't like Smokey the Bear pointing at me either.  It's rude and I feel like he's accusing me of something I didn't do.

Then there's the bigger problem with Smokey the Bear, I'm not going to trust a bear that wears jeans because that's just weird.


  1. This post is exactly how I feel about this campaign. I just saw the board on my way home from getting In-N-Out. Ahh get your somokey on?? wtf??

  2. The Bear's name is Smokey Bear, not Smokey the Bear. Do you say Peter the Rabbit, Santa the Claus, Easter the Bunny?

    1. That's a fair point and you are correct. But it's also, McGruff the Crime Dog so people have used "blank the something" before.