Friday, July 29, 2011

Return of the Sax

Clearly, I tempted the saxophone gods with my post about the 80s ridiculous love of the saxophone because  it's randomly back in full force.

People love the saxophone again.  There's saxophone solos in pop songs such as Lady Gaga's "Edge of Glory" and Katie Perry's "Last Friday Night," and even Bon Iver is incorporating the saxophone into  his songs

I guess it makes sense though.  People keep trying to bring back movies and TV shows from the 80s so eventually they were going to make their way to saxophone.

Musician Glenn Frey has to be pumped about this because he loved the 80s sax.  He's been waiting years for this.

I think his best friend is Steve Sax, not the former baseball player but a sax he named Steve.

Frey's 80s songs "The Heat is on" and "You Belong to City" are like saxophone porn.

But if there's one person who really spearheaded the revival of the saxophone, it has to be this guy with his unbridled passion for it.

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