Friday, August 5, 2011

Mr. Saxobeat

If you still doubted that the sax is really back,  then "Mr. Saxobeat" proves it.

I randomly heard this song by Romanian pop star Alexandra Stan and couldn't believe it was real.

She actually made a song about how much she loves the saxophone and/or a saxophone player.

Naturally because it's about the saxophone it has to be sexual.  Sorry, those are just the rules.

Since "Mr. Saxobeat" is a Romanian song, it's completely possible that the 80s saxophone craze just reached Romania.

But it's not just a Romanian thing as it's popular in Europe, Canada, Latin America and is even in the U.S. Billboard  Hot 100.

The best part of it has to be the video though.  It's further proof that almost everything on TV in Europe is either porn or very close to it.

Its plot of three femme fatals getting arrested then using their charm to escape is straight out of a porn.

For a second, I was worried that I was unknowingly watching one until I remembered it was youtube.

The women seem to spend a lot more time dancing in an alley in police uniforms than escaping.

When they finally do,  nobody happens to notice that the women dressed like strippers pretending to be cops aren't real cops.  

And for all this talk about "Mr. Saxobeat," there's not even a saxophone or saxophone player in the video.

Although, I think deep down we all know who her "Mr. Saxobeat" is.  She's not fooling anybody.

There's only one guy who could inspire her like that: Sergey Stepanov aka  Epic Sax Guy.


  1. haha, that's great that saxophone is becoming more popular again. Sergio Flores' Sexy Sax Man video helped too I think. As did Clarence Clemmons on Edge of Glory.

  2. She had nothing to do with the creation of the song. She just took it from another group who wrote it

  3. Here is the link to the original.

  4. I should have realized that of course she didn't write it. Although, it does seem like she was the first to perform it as that link appears to be remixes of the original.