Friday, September 23, 2011

Sesame Street Glee Parody "G"

Another great Sesame Street  parody as this time they do "Glee."  Except they call it "G" because it's centered around learning the letter "G."

They really nail it with characters Mr. Gooschuester, their version of Mr. Schuester, the Rachel Berry Muppet and the Sue Muppet.

But I especially like the last time on "G" beginning where they mention that the G club got a goat to play guitar and the goose gobbling because it's just as ridiculous than some of the stuff that actually happens on "Glee."

In fact I'm not sure a goat hasn't done that on the show.

It's also great when they poke fun at "Glee" for its elaborate performances even though the club is supposed to be poor  with Mr. Gooschuester saying, "good thing we have a big budget."

Once again this proves that everything in life is better with Muppets.

"Saturday Night Live' better watch its back because "Sesame Street" is consistently making funnier parodies.

Here's some other "Sesame Street" parodies: Mad Men and Old Spice

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